Dyer & Butler Electrical responsibilities


Corporate Social Responsibility

When it comes to people and the environment, Dyer & Butler Electrical acknowledges that we have an important set of responsibilities to follow. In this industry, it is necessary that we put sustainable development at the forefront of what we do, therefore, we operate in such a way that we are always mindful of our overall responsibilities on a day to day basis, with social, economic and environmental factors taken into account.

Equality and Diversity

Dyer & Butler Electrical stringently believes that everyone who works with us should be able to work in all environments without fear of prejudice or judgement, and so, we ensure that respect is strictly put into practice in all of our workplaces. We welcome employees of all ages, genders and ethnicities.


Dyer & Butler Electrical is renowned for clear and frequent communication with clients, and we endeavour to operate in a moral, legal and ethical manner, ensuring that our services are always correctly and clearly explained without being misleading in any way.


Dyer & Butler Electrical is committed to being sustainable across three areas –social, economic and the environment. Socially, we ensure that there is always consistent communication between those directly in contact with our work, economically, we aim to be cost-effective in all that we do, and environmentally, we frequently look for ways that we can improve our carbon footprint. To find out more, visit our Sustainability page.


Dyer & Butler Electrical takes its responsibilities for the environment incredibly seriously. We aim to work in a way that minimises our impact on our surroundings, consistently monitoring, reviewing and looking for ways that we can improve environmental management of our working processes. For more information, see our Environment page.


In working closely with our local communities, Dyer & Butler Electrical provides employment opportunities through training, to help those interested in working in our sector progress in their career. We also ensure that we actively support local charities and schools. See our Community page to find out more.

Health and Safety

Dyer & Butler Electrical are committed to ensuring that all those who work for us and in proximity to our work, feel safe, ending the day without accident or incident. We have an impressive safety record, and intend to keep it this way – we are proud of our excellent safety reputation. Visit our Health & Safety page for more information.

Quality Assurance

Quality delivery for our customers is ensuring that all work Dyer & Butler Electrical does is done right, the first time, and we are proud of our excellent reputation. Visit our Quality Assurance page for more information.