Delivering what we promise

Dyer & Butler Electrical has an excellent reputation for delivering our services on time and to budget. Our quality performance is assured by our fully accredited background; we work strictly in compliance with ISO 9001 and are committed to ensuring that this level of compliance and excellence is maintained across all areas of our work.

Our people are essentially our quality differentiator – we endeavour to make sure that all of our jobs are done right the first time, and we maintain a continual improvement process to support our employees and consistently review and improve specific aspects of our work where possible. Dyer & Butler’s strict compliance with ISO 9001 means that we conform to all appropriate regulatory requirements.

"Dyer & Butler Electrical is a diligent Principle Contractor - their attention to detail and quality of installation was very good and they showed 100% collaboration throughout the project."

David Geoghegan,
Project Manager, Gatwick Airport Ltd.