airport mechanical and electrical services

What We Do

Dyer & Butler Electrical has brought extra value to the Dyer & Butler Group, adding electrical delivery to the group’s overall services. With our expansive range of skills, geographical coverage and approach, we are able to deliver solutions for ongoing team projects or on a standalone basis.

Dyer & Butler Electrical directly employ our multi-disciplined workforce, who all have an extensive knowledge of the sectors in which we work, and the skill sets needed to get a job done accurately, to programme and to budget.

Whether integrating electrical, mechanical or data services into a new terminal or upgrading the AGL lighting system to an existing airport, our experienced M&E team appreciates and understands the challenges that working in a safety and operationally critical environment creates.

With demand on airport and rail infrastructure continually growing, choosing the right contractor becomes even more critical. Dyer & Butler Electrical can deliver the support and approach that today’s airport and rail operators need, providing integrated, time-critical and cost-certainty through our team of engineers who have the experience and understanding of the industry that the client deserves and expects.